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Do You Want to Ask me a Question?

I have a site where I answer questions now —

I got the domain name a while ago, cuz I thought it was awesome, but didn’t really know what to do with it for a bit. Anyway, back when I was actually contactable, people used to send me questions sometimes which I never answered. But, I thought it might be fun to answer some questions, and I had this silly website just sitting there. So, why not?

I was going to try to be regular about it, and post something every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but, who knows. Truthfully, if I try to make something too perfect, I tend to never get it out.

So anyway; I have a highly flawed question-answering website up. You can look at it if you want.

OR — you could send me a question (or otherwise try to get in contact with me w.r.t web stuff) at

I’ve been pretty bad at being contactable in the past, in part cuz I get a lot of trolls and some cyberstalkers, but I’m trying to improve this. In part, I have an auto-responder now I can use with any stalkers (where I save the message, but like, don’t have to read it personally) which has been quite useful.

Anyway; work in progress. I’d love to get a message from you!

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