Edits were small — mostly, I didn’t want to convey an unchangeable “this is how things are” view of reality because I don’t believe that.

W.r.t personal sacrifices, I find, there’s always a degree. Some people give up a lot, and some people give up a little. I do know many men who sacrificed basically none of their personal interests to live the life they wanted to, but many of them also seem more ok being single for long periods of time (and, they generally do have less money.) The more a man really wants to be in a relationship, the more he’s usually willing to sacrifice to try to get one.

I guess if you find a place you’re happy on the continuum (which it sounds like you did) there really isn’t a problem. I have a unique bisexual issue of having to choose between two continuums, and they’re both bad in their own ways.

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