Great article! One thought — you didn’t differentiate between the class of white people, but not all white people benefit from racism in the same way.

From the inception of slavery, racist ideology has also been used by wealthy whites to stop poor whites from rising up. By making it so poor white people are not “at the bottom” (because they occupy a position above black people), rich white people gave poor white people social incentive to support a system that otherwise economically oppresses them.

This personalization of accusations of racism and the blindness to racist systems from white people, I think, ties into the very original ways racism was used. As we speak, income inequality in the US is rapidly increasing, and the upper and lower social classes at risk solidifying. Part of the resistance for us white people to acknowledge how we benefit from racism is that we would also have to face how we have been complicit in our own material oppression. We would have to admit that we have directed our anger at those weaker than us so we can impotently feel better about ourselves, not toward those in power who have setup systems to kill the quality of life for the working and middle classes.

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