Hi Tom. I actually did make a pretty big mistake in this article, which was to overlook male victims of abuse. Many men have messaged me after I wrote this article, thanking me, and telling me that my experience resonated with them.

The thing is, I am a woman, and I just wrote what I knew. I had no idea how many people had experienced the same thing until I wrote this. I had no idea so many men had experienced sexual abuse. Additionally, I didn’t expect so many people to read this (I thought it was just going to be me and my friends) so I didn’t phrase it for a larger audience.

I don’t really know how to re-write it at this point to be more inclusive, and it seems to resonate with people as is. However, I will admit I am sorry for any men that were overlooked from my bias as a female author. This is an imperfect piece, and that is one of its imperfections.

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