I am going to make the claim that having open discussions about women’s technical ability reduces women’s ability to perform at the highest level. You say I site no studies, and yet ignore the one I did site about stereotype threat. This is a well documented phenomenon, and it doesn’t only apply to women. It applies to people of color, queer people — really anyone who has a stereotype about them. People who have a negative stereotype about them tend to live up to that stereotype more when you remind them about it.

You can applaud me for being brilliant and attractive if you want, but it’s really just a numbers game. When you’re the only woman in a room, you’re also the hottest woman in the room. And, this matters. Personally, I perceive issues around sexual attraction and the fact that we can’t talk about them to be a major blocker for female equality in tech.

There have been studies that show men are cognitively impaired when interacting with women. Women are not similarly impaired when interacting with men, yet, we always assume that when men negatively judge a woman’s ability, the man is correct. However, studies show this is not the case. Men simply aren’t operating at 100% around hot women, and like I said, in male dominated environments all women are functionally hot women.

I don’t really know why you’re getting all bent out of shape at me — Google’s the place that actually fired the guy. I already said I wouldn’t have.

And for what it’s worth, I don’t think it’s bad to be single or not getting laid (I mean, obviously, as it applies to me also.) However, I do think being single and not getting laid often makes men more likely to be sexist toward women. I don’t have any studies on this one, but like, a quick browse through the red pill sure seems to support that claim. It’s also telling that you’re willing to entertain politically incorrect arguments at women’s expense, but get upset when a woman makes politically incorrect arguments at men’s expense.

You can’t have it both ways. Either be willing to listen to and consider all sides, even when they’re not telling you what you want to hear, or plug your brain into your corporate over-lord and suck up your soylent green.

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