I never said white people needed to be coddled or catered to. Many people want to change the mind of white working class voters is because they still have disproportional voting power. It’s not nice, but that’s the situation. However, that’s not the argument I made because I don’t believe it. I think the situation is too far gone for unification to happen in any reasonable timeframe.

What I’m trying to point out, is that the political elites are using the public’s strong viewpoints on race for their own advantage. The white and non-white members of the working class have a lot in common, and that the people in power are using this division about race to stop people with similar interests from unifying.

If you wait long enough, the white working class causing all these problems will die off (as a demographic, they are older than liberals.) You don’t need to understand them if you don’t want. Though, I don’t see the downside of understanding them. People often get mad when I explain things like white privilege or male privilege, but I don’t see how exploring these topics will make the situation worse. But, if you have better things to put your mind energy to, put your mind energy to them instead.

I’m sorry the un-American comments are hurtful. I’m an immigrant myself (and not an American citizen) and I don’t really get the mindset of telling people who were born in the US that they’re not American. I’m sure it’s deeply telling about our culture, but I haven’t put my mind energy to it.

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