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I Often Worry I’m Going to Accidentally Do Something the Manosphere Might Support

I don’t shave. The more I see online about how absolutely disgusting it is when women don’t shave, the less I want to start shaving again. If I start dating a man who is highly vocal in his preference for women who shave, I assume he’s an asshole, then stop dating him.

You see, my not shaving acts as a filter. One of my personal nightmares is that I might accidentally end on on a date with someone like Roosh Valizadeh. Fortunately, Roosh Valizadeh helpfully wrote an article titled “27 Attractive Girls Who Became Ugly Freaks Because Of Feminism.” As far as I’m concerned, he’s basically written a style guide for any women enjoys not getting raped. Roosh’s claim to fame is that he enjoys forcing sex on women and is stupid enough to blog about it:

Daryush Valizadeh, who calls himself Roosh V, allegedly said he had to ‘use some muscle’ to hold one of the girls down so she would ‘stop moving’ in a deleted blog post titled ‘When No Means Yes’.

Daily Mail

Roosh’s “Ugly Feminist” article ended with “I don’t know about you, but I feel depressed right now to see female beauty being wasted for no benefit to the victim,” implying that he is completely oblivious to the fact that not being attractive to him is a huge benefit. Which brings me to one of the most perverse aspects of these anti-woman “male rights*” type people — you’d think they’d try being nice to the women who dress and act the way they want. After all, punishing women with rape seems like a highly ineffective way of convincing them to conform to your desires.

But, these guys are so clueless they blame feminists for women’s aversion to the traditionally feminine. Look, feminism simply gave women the option of not having to submit to sexual violence. The degradation of the feminine, the devaluing of traditionally female roles, the utter physical objectification of women who are culturally normative, that was all patriarchy. Yes, some feminists are now anti-femininity, but only because they’ve lived a life being punished for femininity.

And, just who do these fuckwads think were doing the punishing?

I can think of basically no worse punishment for a woman than having to fuck one of these douche-rags. Most of these guys have the sense to hide their true personality when “seducing” women (which is why they need to take classes in “pickup”) but once they get you alone, apparently, they will fuck you whether you consent to it or not.

This is where the armpit hair comes in: I’ll gladly look like a boot if it keeps me out of their beds. And, all those not-asshole men out there who do like traditionally feminine women? You should be laying down the law with these cum-stains, because as it becomes more unsafe for women to be feminine, more women will choose to suppress their femininity.

*Do not mean to lump in nuanced Male Rights Activists who have interesting things to say, and some of who even are feminist. Just talking about the ones who promote violence against women

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