I was sitting with my bro when I read this, and asked him “Why does it bug men when women find themselves pretty?”

He said it used to bug him too, and that he found it frustrating when women complained about being hit on all the time. That this came from a place of never being hit on himself, and that there was a loneliness that came with that.

At the end of the day, how pretty I am is irrelevant when I am too emotionally scarred to connect with anyone romantically. What good is being pretty when there’s no one around to see it?

But, as someone who feels a lot of loneliness, I have sympathy for the loneliness I think many men feel. It is horrible to crave connection that never comes to pass. I feel that too, every day.

Thing is, never being hit on and being hit on too much lead us to the same place — a place where it is impossible to receive love. I wouldn’t give a fuck about my looks if I had someone to love me.

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