Not Writing About Politics for a Bit

So, I’ve decided not to write about politics for a bit, but I want to be clear that this is for personal reasons, not because I’m ok with things as they are now.

In fact, to be blunt, I’m very, very worried about — basically everything!

But, I will not tell you how or why I’m worried! However, I very much hope that other people will give you the information you need. I’d just like to suggest, when you’re trying to sort out fact from fiction, always consider what angle the writer is pushing. Who does the writer support, and who will benefit from their suggestions?

For instance, Trump republicans will benefit from appeasing their base and gaining the support of institute republicans. Institute republicans will benefit from drawing Trump into their side and getting his support for their policies. Democrats will benefit from demonizing the whole Republican base, and overthrowing them. And yet, just because someone will benefit from pointing something out doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

The Trumpublicans will benefit from demonizing the refugees, but that doesn’t mean that everything they say about them is wrong. There has been a spate of violence in Europe from countries that took in loads of refugees from the refugees, and that will require intelligence and persistence to solve. The Democrats will benefit from painting the Trumpublicans as human rights violators but — sadly — that doesn’t mean that they’re wrong either. This recent round of immigration restriction has me very concerned, but I wasn’t going to talk about that. Both sides will simplify the complexity and legitimacy of the beliefs of their opponents to try to build support for their own base.

So, be careful! If you ever look at an issue, and think to yourself “anyone who would support this issue is a complete idiot” you have misjudged the idiot. You are probably reading propaganda. The other side is not stupid. The other side may have false information, but then again, you may also have false information. Over the next few months, people will be feeding you bullshit from left and right, up and down. Always ask yourself the question, if I support this issue, who benefits? Who will benefit from you believing what you believe? Who will get your vote, your support, and possibly your financial contributions?

Because that, my friends, is what everyone is fighting for. They want your attention and they want your money. Be stingy and be skeptical with both, but keep in mind there may be a time that you need to go all in to stand up for your beliefs. Just, if you do, make sure what you’re doing what is consistent with your own morality and that you’re not being manipulated to benefit those who desire power.

When everyone is shouting at you, the most important skill you can develop is the skill to listen to yourself. Let your own voice be the voice of reason.

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