Enzo Michella

Squirting is Peeing

But, this fact upsets people, so they have declared it false on emotional grounds

The French study the website wrote about only included seven participants, so it’s not exactly a representative sample size, and even the study concludes the prostate-specific antigen was present in five out of the seven post-squirting samples while it was not present in the before-squirting sample. This still makes female ejaculation different from urine, even if their study was not in agreement with other studies on the amount and types of chemicals all present in female ejaculate.

Female ejaculate could possibly be the fluid urine mostly consists of, but it doesn’t make it pee. Seems these scientist’s theories are just that — theories, a long way from fact.

While we can debate the exact makeup of female ejaculation, the real problem with this latest study is not even its accuracy or if other sources are inaccurate, it’s how the discussion adversely affects female sexuality. It seems like another attempt to make women feel ashamed or embarrassed of their sexuality. Even if it’s similar in composition to pee (it’s not exactly the same — ALL studies are confirming that), a squirting orgasm is one of the best orgasms a woman can have.



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