Thanks for answering my questions even though you found them insulting. I’m sorry you did and I’ll stop asking.

As for identifying with Trump supporters… you seem to think it strange that a white liberal would have attitudes in common with Trump supporters, but I see covert racism in white liberals all the time. I know maybe that’s depressing, but it’s also why progress is stalling in certain areas. Basically, white liberals have learned to publicly say the right things, but still express racist attitudes when hiring, or teaching, or dating, etc. I’m interested in exploring the emotional roots of these bias, so we can fix it.

Also, as for having a platform — two weeks ago I didn’t have a platform. I’ve been writing for about 10 years for only my friends, and 2 weeks for strangers. It may be a cop out to say I didn’t expect so many people to read it, but it’s also the truth.

Anyway, thanks for engaging, and I’m sorry for any pain in your life that has been amplified by reading what I write.

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