The Police are Hurting a lot of People

I’m not going to tell you what to think about it

The video of the old man getting knocked down by the police really upset me; I don’t really know why, after all the shit that’s been on the news I’d been starting to feel numb. Perhaps it was just how the police refused to help him afterward, even though they knew he was bleeding:

There are also several protestors at this point who have lost their eyes to police rubber and wooden bullets, and I just find that so sad too — especially the young people. Like, Brandon Saenz who’s only 26 (top middle of the picture at top) who lost his eye and had multiple fractures to his skull after the police fired a “non-lethal” weapon at him during a peaceful protest.

And, this may just be such a basic fucking thing to say, but it really upsets me that these people are getting hurt in ways that will permanently alter their lives. Like, eyes don’t grow back.

Anyway, I said I’d leave you to make your own conclusions about this, and I will. But, I will say, I do believe the nearly all the protests are non-violent. The ones I’ve seen have been exclusively non-violent. I don’t believe the police were afraid for their lives in most of these situations; I definitely don’t believe it in that top video with that old man.

Everyone seems to telling everyone else what to think nowadays, so I’ll just leave you with the question, what does this mean to you?