Whatever is Done Can be Undone

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared

I was recently social-distance camping with a sweet young woman who was telling us about her very conservative, very Christian family. She loved them a lot, it seemed, but she was sad because they didn’t accept her. They thought everyone should be like them, she said, and they disapproved of people not living the same Christian life as them.

  1. The republicans go full hog and start rolling back abortion rights, gay rights, racial rights, etc. and we will realize, we haven’t even seen the beginning of the riots yet. If the democrats ever get back in full power, they will offset this by packing the court which will get them what they want in the short run and severely weaken the supreme court in the long run. However, they will likely make that tradeoff if the conservative justices demonstrate a lack of restraint.

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