Why Do Men Put So Little Effort Into Serious Dating?

A sperm donor costs $300, a surrogate mother costs $50,000

Lately, I’ve been seriously considering becoming a single mother by choice. Something that’s really pushing me in that direction is just how clueless a lot of the dudes are I go on dates with. I had a like, 3 year stint of dating basically only women in San Francisco, and not a lot of SF lesbians are super sold on the idea of kids (probably because SF is so expensive and because babies are not a byproduct of lesbian sex.)

  • Research what makes relationships successful — if you want a relationship that is. I know men who will devote weeks to learning the newest javascript framework, but haven’t put 10 minutes of mental energy toward figuring out what makes relationships work. Then, bitter women write manifestos about how horrible they are to date. Thing is, learning makes you better at shit. Like, duh. That’s why we do it. You can apply this to interpersonal problems; learn about relationships.
  • Freeze your sperm. Young professional women be freezing their eggs all over the place, but freezing sperm is cheaper, more reliable, and less painful than egg freezing. If it takes you 5–10 years to find a partner to have a baby with, and if she’s in her late 30s or beyond, having some young sperm might be a god-send if you end up having fertility problems.

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